Blog Reading Response – The Pleasure of Eating

In summary, “The Pleasures of Eating” by Wendell Berry is a piece informing us of our standing in the agricultural business. When we eat we are actually making an agricultural act instead of just eating. Another point made is that now in our time don’t pay attention to where or how we got our food, we just get it off the shelves of the stores we go to and eat it. We don’t take into consideration the way the animal was treated or what chemicals were used to keep the animals or plants healthy enough for processing for food. Berry is trying to convey the idea that if we are more conscience about the food we eat and try to eat more food closer to home or actually home grown that we will be more appreciative of the food we do eat and know that it did actually have a full and happy life.

I personally think that some of the chemicals and things we use to grow our plants and to keep our animals healthy are unnecessary if they are just treated correctly and the soil is properly taken care of. I do think supporting local farms and farmer’s markets should be done more when available and that we should avoid eating food from faraway places like a California farm or places that we have no knowledge of the conditions and treatment of the food being produced. Berry I believe over exaggerates some of the points he makes because of bias like the extent of the chemicals because some of the chemicals used are needed to protect us when we do eat food so we don’t get sick.

The author’s intended meaning to be more aware of the food you eat and where the food you are eating is coming from and the treatment of the food products. He uses the repetition of ideas throughout the entire piece to get his ideas thoroughly pounded into your head and make you think and see it his side of the argument. Also he uses a personal story of him seeing the condition of some cows going to be slaughtered. He describes to you the size of the box they are being held in and that there’s no room for it to even turn around and move. This appeals emotionally to the reader to make them feel sympathy for the cows that are going to be slaughtered and also to make you aware of the treatment some of the animals had before you ate them.


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